#bookreview – How to Unf#ck Your Brain by Dr. Faith G Harper…and a link for a free copy!


I had gotten the audiobook from the library, using the Libby app. But, Amazon has a free copy of an ebook! I will post the link at the end for you. I do not know how long it will be free.

I have been reading a lot of these self-help books lately. I have been dealing with a generalized anxiety disorder my whole life. I am usually skeptical about books like this, even if it is written by a doctor. This time I was pleasantly surprised.

This time she talks about the causes and how to use that to manage your anxiety/depression, instead of just managing the symptoms. I thought that was a unique approach and rather enlightening. I loved that she talked in detail about the causes and the symptoms and gave definitions of them too. She mostly talks about  trauma, which is usually the cause. I loved that she reminded you not to self diagnose and to see a doctor. Even if she is giving advice, she said not to take her word for it, but to see a doctor. That was so refreshing. Most people who write these types of books, keep saying they have the magic cure-all. Just cause they cured themselves, they think they can cure everyone else. If that was the case, then all the psych doctors and therapists would be out of a job now.

I had the unabridged audiobook version. You could tell that she was reading from the book, cause sometimes you hear the paper turning. And the sound quality seemed off somehow. Kind of like listening to a podcast. But, I liked her narration she had a nice clear voice.

I should warn you, tho the title probably does that already. There is a lot of cussing in it, so if that bothers you, I doubt you would like this book. But if you are like me and use cuss words like a second language, then I highly recommend this book.

Not sure why, but you can get the ebook for free on Amazon! Here is the link for you, I do not know how long it will last. The pandemic might have something to do with that?

How to Unf#ck Your Brain


I do hope you all are adjusting ok and staying safe! But if you need help, please remember to call a doctor. Do not be ashamed, that is what they are there for.

Luv and hugs, Renee

Published by Stardreamer

Renee is currently working as a book reviewer for readersfavorite.com, she has worked there for two years. She was a cashier for 20+ years, and is hoping to use her marketing skills as a writer, thanks to arthritis she can no longer be a cashier. She is also working on a novel. She loves to read, write, and teaching herself to draw.

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