Are you bored? Do you like to read? Why not do book reviews? Here are some ways to get free books for them. Plus, you help the authors too…a win win!


Hello everyone! I hope you are staying safe and sound? I can not believe it is Friday night already. Seems like it was just Monday. Is it me, or are the weeks going by too fast? I had meant to blog and read more, but. I think the scare of the pandemic has made my anxiety worse, and I am just burnt out the cause of it. I try to listen to uplifting audiobooks, but even then.

In case you get tired of binge-watching your favorite shows or playing board games, why not read a book and do book reviews on Amazon and Goodreads. Not only will you be able to get free books, but you would be helping the authors as well. They need all the reviews they can get.

Also, you can start your own blog, then authors and publishers will come to you if they like your book reviews. It is free and not that hard if I can blog anyone can. Tho, I have to admit it has taken two years and a few blog sites to finally figure it out, I am not very techy. lol Hopefully, you will have better luck.

Here are a few ways to get free books to review. Btw, the reviews do not have to belong, but you need to say more than just you liked it or hate it, you have to explain why.

  1. Netgalley – is the most popular place. They have a great selection of arcs(books out before published). My problem is that I tend to get too many and then I feel overwhelmed and can never get it done in time. So, I would recommend you learn how to pace yourself.
  2. Booksprout – another arc site with a good selection. My problem was that they do not give you a lot of time, and sometimes, I can be a slow reader.
  3. Publishers – check out their websites, sometimes you can sign up or sometimes you can ask them for a book. Lately, I keep getting some from Harper. My problem is they keep giving me sequels, and I hate reading out of order. And some reason they have an old blog that I thought I deleted.
  4. Authors – Do not be afraid to contact the authors. I contacted my favorite tv writer and he sent me to his publisher, they gladly gave me the book. He even did an interview for me, which I have been meaning to repost. So, do not be afraid to ask them, I promise they do not bite. lol
  5. ┬áLibrary – is my go-to for books these days. I know with the pandemic they are closed, but I use the Libby and/or Overdrive app to get books, especially audiobooks.
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There are many other ways to get them too, I may try to do a Friday Freebie each week.

If you start or have a book blog, please feel free to share it in the comments and I will help spread the word.

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend and please stay safe! I know these are hard times for everyone, but we can get through this together.

Peace and luv, Renee

Published by Stardreamer

Thanks to poor health I am starting a new life. I love to read, blog, and write. I'm a witch starseed and a bi, and a huge geek.

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