Weekly Wrap Up – Learning a few new skills


Hello everyone! I hope you are all staying safe and sound? I know it is a scary time these days. In fact, that is why I have not written many blogs. I have generalized anxiety disorder and the news media and such, is messing up my anxiety big time. And lately, I have not really had energy to read or write.

I started blogging in hopes of being able to use this as writing experience. I am living on 50 dollars a month(thanks to HUD and foodstamps). I make that money doing book reviews. I will post about that site tomorrow. But, I was hoping to find more writing jobs. Even when someone contacts me, since they saw my twitter or facebook, I still can not seem to get a job. It is like once they see my site, I never hear from them again. So, I have come to a conclusion that my writing must suck. I admit, I have not done any writing in 30 years, hence the lack of experience, so I know my grammar is rusty, but still.

Anyhow, did not mean to make that sound like I was complaining. I mentioned that, cause I decided I needed to learn some new skills, to see if I can start a career. Thanks to a couple of new friends, I was able to get a drawing kit and a tarot deck.

I get books from the library to teach me, using the libby app, and I know I need a lot of work, but it has been fun trying, so far. Plus, it keeps my mind busy, so I do not think about all the scary stuff going on. Maybe, I can turn my novel idea into a graphic novel someday or a comic book.

Here is an example of one of my recent drawings….I was never good at drawing people…it is harder than it looks. lol


And here is me practicing my shading techniques with a still life photo…seems to be a little bit easier…


So, as you can see, I got a lot of work to do. lol


How about you, are you learning any new skill, if so what. Just remember that it takes practice practice practice to make it perfect.  Good luck!

Oh, and I almost forgot! I am learning how to cook from scratch using a microwave, since I do not have a stove/oven. I actually made a decent brownie the other day, I will share that recipe soon too. It is amazing what you can cook using a microwave.

Have a great week everyone! Please stay safe and healthy!

Luv and virtual hugs, Renee

Published by Stardreamer

Renee is currently working as a book reviewer for readersfavorite.com, she has worked there for two years. She was a cashier for 20+ years, and is hoping to use her marketing skills as a writer, thanks to arthritis she can no longer be a cashier. She is also working on a novel. She loves to read, write, and teaching herself to draw.

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