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I got the audiobook version of The Hot Flash Club by Nancy Thayer from the library using the Libby App.

I finally found a series I can relate too! It is such a fun book. Four women, completely different from each other, meet at a mutual friend’s retirement party. They decided to skip the party to have their own. They instantly hit it off and decide to help each other with their problems and then they call themselves the Hot Flash Club.

I just loved this book, can not wait to read more. It was so refreshing to read about women my age. I even had an aha moment while reading it, and realized a lot of things make sense now, I just loved that. I think I like Shirly the best, since I am most like her and love her dream, that the club is helping her with. Even when things seemed daunting and bleak, it all turns out to be a good thing instead of bad. It had a really nice ending that was just enough to make you want to read more. If you need a book that is lighthearted and full of hope and happy dreams, then I would definitely recommend it. I admit the younger generation might not understand it as much as the older generation. But, it would be good for them to read to give them something to ponder.

I never heard of Carrington MacDuffie, what a cool name. But, I enjoyed her reading, she even got the french accents right. And the mens voices too, sometimes I worry about that when a female is a narrator. She read at a nice even pace, never hurried and not static or anything. I think I will check to see if she has other books she reads, Adding her to my top ten narrators.

This is a definite must-read….

If you have read it or will read it, please let me know who you like best and why, thanks!

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Happy Reading! Renee


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