20 fun Summer themed blog ideas!




Hello everyone! Can you believe that summer is almost here?! I think Mother Nature has forgotten tho, since it has been in the 60s for a long time, at least in my city it has. I know this summer will be a bit different this year, thanks to the covid and protesting. Here are some fun ideas for you to blog about.

  1. ¬†Recipes – Ok..this is a given…any summer recipes, like home made ice cream, or fruit salads.
  2. ¬†Independence Day – You can blog about red, white and blue recipes, decorations, make your favorite soundtrack and share it…etc.
  3. Vacation bucket list – You can make a list of all the places you would like to visit someday. Or take each place and write a blog about it.
  4. Books- You can read and write a book review on summer themed books. Mary Kay Andrews has a few good ones, and Debbie Macomber does too. Or you can make a tbr list of books you want to read.
  5. Binge worthy shows – You can talk about your favorite shows that you like to binge-watch. For instance, the Orville is an excellent show to binge-watch and discuss.
  6. Movies- Not sure about going to movie theaters, but there are a lot of great movies on streaming apps like Netflix and Hulu. You can make a list of movies you want to watch and discuss why you want to watch them. Or review movies you have already seen.
  7. Games – You can make up your own games and share them. Or play games and share your experience with it. Like, have you seen the show, Chopped? You can make your own version and show the results. Btw, that is an excellent show to bing-watch too.
  8. Art – You can draw or paint pictures, like maybe a beach theme? Then share it on your blog. Maybe even give instructions on how you did it?
  9. Crafts -same thing with the art. Maybe even find ways to do it cheaply and share that as well.
  10. Learn a new hobby and blog about it.
  11. Sports – I know sports is different this year, but that does not mean you can not talk about your favorite teams. Maybe, discuss baseball trades and tell how you felt about your team’s decisions.
  12. Podcasts and youtubes – Listen to your favorites and discuss them in your blog. I will be making a list page for those, feel free to add your favorites in the comments.
  13. Teach a class – Pick a subject and teach it. Possibilities are endless here. You can teach science, history, how to make a blog, etc.
  14. Link parties or pages – You can share and discuss your favorite websites that you like to go to, and ask others to share theirs.
  15. Pets – Do not think a description is needed here. lol
  16. Poems, short stories – You can share your poetry or short stories, preferably summer themed ones.
  17. Writing prompts – You can share summer themed writing prompts and hope people will use and share their stories.
  18. Giveaways -You can have free giveaways for anything, such as books, toys etc.
  19. A favorite cause – You can talk about your favorite cause, or one that is popular at the moment, like the allblacklivesmatter ….and find ways to help by sharing links for people to donate or volunteer.
  20. Politics – Since the election is coming up, you can discuss what you would like to see changed(if any) and why.
grass beside the sea
Photo by Melanie Wupperman on Pexels.com

I probably could have come up with a lot more. But as you can see by this list, it will be hard to have writers block, or be bored.

I hope you all are staying safe and sound! Please be careful out there!

Peace and luv, Renee

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Thanks to poor health I am starting a new life. I love to read, blog, and write. I'm a witch starseed and a bi, and a huge geek.

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