Slowly but surely … a few changes

Hello everyone! I am so sorry for not being on as much. All this stuff going on, messed

up my anxiety and I just needed to take a break. Plus, I have been figuring out all the

tech stuff. I decided to change a few things.

I am going to use this blog to share fun things to do. I think people are bored and it is making them crazy, so they lash out and riot and whatnot. This lockdown has been my life for four years, so I can not understand why folks can’t be in lockdown for a few months. Especially, if it means saving lives.

Anyhow…..I am researching and finding fun things that you can do at home, especially free things, since I am living on 50 dollars a month thanks to HUD and Foodstamps. I had to use my stimulus check on food and delivery, since some jerks from the riot destroyed my local grocery store. People do not realize how much they hurt when they destroy.

I will be turning off my comments, at least I think I did. I keep getting jerks just sending one word comments, I guess they are bored. I just do not understand why people are being so rude these days.

If you have any ideas on free things people can do, please do not hesitate to reach out to me with my contact form. I would love to share them. Thank you.

Please people, be kind. Ruining other people’s lives does not make sense. We are all in this together.

Stay safe!

Peace and luv, Renee

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Thanks to poor health I am starting a new life. I love to read, blog, and write. I'm a witch starseed and a bi, and a huge geek.

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