Fun ways to celebrate the 4th of July safely!

Hello everyone! Can you believe this weekend is the 4th of July holiday, for those in the States?! This year is going by so fast. I am just sad that there does not seem to be a reason to celebrate. The US is in a lot of pain, thanks to the Covid19 and the #BLM movement. But, then again, maybe we need to celebrate, to remind us why we love our country.

Here are some fun ways to celebrate, most of them are free and you can do them alone. Some of us care about saving lives more than saving our rights.

These are in no particular order:

  1. Picnic – You can have a picnic indoors, or if you have a backyard that would be a safe place to have it too. You can have fun creating red, white and blue recipes. For starters, you can make a salad with blueberries,strawberries, raspberries and yogurt or cottage cheese. You can make ice pops with berries too.
  2. Playlists – You can make your own playlist to play while you are having a picnic or whatever. I love spotify, they let you have a lot of playlists for free. You can have songs like the National Anthem, America the Beautiful..just to name a couple.
  3. Movies – you can have a movie marathon with an American theme. Like Top Gun and Independence day.
  4. Tv shows- same as the movies…American Dad and West Wing are binge worthy shows.
  5. Books- you can read or listen to audiobooks that deal with the holiday or America. The Heist series by Janet Evanovich is an excellent series to binge read. It is about a kickbutt FBI chic who has to work with a hot Conman to catch bad guys. Her Father is a Veteran who helps her out sometimes. Can’t get more American than that.
  6. Crafts – All kinds of crafts and art that you can do. Paint the flag for instance. Or make wreaths with ivy and those little flags or red and white flowers.
  7. History -Learn about America by reading history books, youtube videos, podcasts, movies etc. Like learn about the flag, or slavery(so you can see why there is a #BLM movement) that way you can make your own judgement and not be influenced by media and celebrities.
  8. You can use sparklers and firecrackers to help celebrate, just be careful and remember the neighbors and animals.

As you can see, there are many ways to have fun and celebrate the holiday. If you use sparklers and firecrackers, please be careful and remember you have neighbors and remember that animals are afraid of noises.

I am curious, do you celebrate it? If so, how do you like to celebrate? Thanks…

Oh one more thing…please please please….no drinking and driving!!!! We have enough things killing us, we do not need another.

Peace and luv, Renee

Published by Stardreamer

Thanks to poor health I am starting a new life. I love to read, blog, and write. I'm a witch starseed and a bi, and a huge geek.

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