A fun thing to do ….get paid to read! Try this!



Here is a fun thing for you to do! If you are a bookaholic like I am, than you will love this site! Do not worry, this is not an affiliate link and I am not getting paid for it. These guys pretty much saved my life, so I try to give them a shoutout whenever I can. In fact, they are my only income. HUD and Foodstamps are my other sources. I will post the link at the bottom of this page, and once again it is not an affiliate link.

A couple of years ago, I was getting frustrated, because I could not find a job. Then I was researching on how to get paid to do book reviews, a friend taught me how to do that. I found these guys, and applied. It was super easy to apply and they are really nice. If you can write a 250 word review on a book you read, than you should not have any trouble with getting this job. They have a specific format, but it is easy to learn. If I can do it, anyone can.

They have two different pays for reviews. You get ten dollars for reviewing the express books, and one dollar for reviewing the other books. I know that does not seem to be much, but it adds up. You can not take it out till you reach fifty dollars. And you can only use paypal. It is legit tho, and it does not take long to get your money, when you request it.

They also have a contest each month using raffles, from reading certain books. You can win 100 dollars a month, or during the summer, 200 a month. I have been there for two years, and have not won anything, but I have seen people win more than once, so the odds are difficult.

You get free books too! The ones you read for review are free, and they have contests to win more free books as well.

You can also write articles for them for pay. They pay five dollars for each article.

So, if you are bored and need something to do, why not try this? Plus, you would be helping authors out too. Oh and James and Fiona are really nice and helpful, no question is a stupid question.

Happy reading!

Here is the link for it. ..

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