Weekly Wrap-Up: Broken a/c, Christmas in July, podcasts..etc

Hello everyone, I can not believe it is Sunday, and that July is almost over? I do not know about you, but I have lost all sense of time these days. One day it is Monday, the next it is Sunday, and I feel like I did not do much. I do not know how people blog every day, I am in awe of them. I hope to get more blogging done in August.

I have been keeping busy, looking for more income. Getting tired on living with just 50 dollars a month, thanks to HUD and foodstamps. A girl can only compromise so much. Sometimes, I do not feel human. But, I can not get disability, unless I am in a coma. And to make money you have to spend money….and they wonder why there are a lot of poor people. I would dearly love to be a cashier again, but my body will not let me. So, all those years of hard work and a healthy lifestyle, meant nothing. I now tell people to enjoy life, while you can, cause you never know when you can not. One of the reasons why I am doing this blog, to help people find joy in their lives, no matter what their situation is.

I have also been teaching myself some new skills, like drawing and painting, hoping to make a graphic novel someday. Will write a blog about that soon.

I have also been listening to more podcasts these days. I am making a podcast list page, so far I have 40 of them, will be writing a blog about that too. In fact, if you have a podcast, would you be willing to send me your link thru my contact page, please? That way I know it is not scam. It will also be easier for me to add it to my page. Thanks!

I wanted to write a Christmas in July post yesterday, but my A/C broke and was waiting for maintenance to show up, they never did. I spent the day listening to Holiday on Swing by Seth Macfarlane, I am obsessed with him. His vocals are brilliant. Thanks to Spotify I can listen to all his music on repeat.

Think that covers everything? I hope you all are staying safe and wearing your masks? I have been debating on blogging about that. Take care!

Peace and Luv, Renee

Published by Stardreamer

Renee is currently working as a book reviewer for readersfavorite.com, she has worked there for two years. She was a cashier for 20+ years, and is hoping to use her marketing skills as a writer, thanks to arthritis she can no longer be a cashier. She is also working on a novel. She loves to read, write, and teaching herself to draw.

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