Here is something fun for you to do, listen to podcasts! Here are 42 fun ones for you!

Hi everyone! Sorry, I have not been blogging much. Been doing some research and listening to podcasts. I am hooked on them now. I decided to make a list page, so it would be easier to find them for myself as well as anyone else. I noticed on Twitter, that a lot of folks always asks for podcasts recommendations. So, I am guessing podcasts are a hot trend now.

The one great thing about podcasts is that they are FREE! Lately, tv is getting to be quite expensive, thanks to cable and streaming apps. Tho, sometimes you can find free tv apps(topic for another time). But, with everyone on a budget these days, free is affordable.

There are quite a few places to listen to them, these are the ones that I know of. Apple Itunes(does not work on my android tablet), Iheart Radio, Pandora(I think), Spotify(my favorite),, and soundcloud(I think). If you know of any, could you please post the link in my comments, thanks bunches!

I am adding podcasts to my listpage whenever I can. I am amazed at how many topics there are for podcasts. People’s creativity never cease to amaze me. I will have all kinds of podcasts from Art to Zen. See what I did there.

But if you want some fun podcasts to listen to, please check out my page, here is the link.

Fun Podcasts to Listen to!

Oh, if you all have a podcasts that you do or love to listen too, please post in the comment or send me the link using my contact form. I would be much obliged!

Have a great and safe week!

Peace and Luv, Renee

Published by Stardreamer

Thanks to poor health I am starting a new life. I love to read, blog, and write. I'm a witch starseed and a bi, and a huge geek.

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