July Wrap Up: Christmas in July, reading, podcasts …etc.

Hello everyone! I can not believe it is the end of July already? Seems like summer just started? Is it me, or does anyone else have no sense of time these days? I mean one day it is Monday, the next it is Friday. What happened to the week? I have been slacking on my blogging cause of it. I really should think of using that cool schedule thing, that WordPress has.

I really wanted to do Christmas in July posts, but sadly that did not work out. I am working on some Halloween ones tho. Hey, if they can do Christmas as early as July, why not? Halloween is my favorite holiday. I always read Plum Spooky by Janet Evanovich and listen to my Halloween playlists on Spotify while eating lots of candy corn. How about you, how do you celebrate it if you do? I wonder if they will have a trick or treating this year, I would like to think things will be “normal” by then?

This month I have been busy making fun podcasts to listen to page. I currently have 42 podcasts. If you have one, would you send me your link thru my contact, please? Thanks, bunches. It does not matter what the subject is.

I have also been a bit slow with my reading these days. I think the stress of the COVID and the heat of the summer has been making my anxiety issues worse. I have only been reading for my paid gig for readersfavorite.com. But, I am just now starting to read Under the Tuscan Sun, have no idea why I never read this before, it is beautifully written. I will have a book review of it soon.

What are you currently reading? I am always looking for book recommendations.

Hope you all are having a great summer and staying safe and healthy? I know it is really scary these days. Heck, I have those feds in my city now. I only go out once a month to the grocery store, cause I can not afford delivery or transportation. Maybe someday.

Peace and Luv, Renee

Published by Stardreamer

Renee is currently working as a book reviewer for readersfavorite.com, she has worked there for two years. She was a cashier for 20+ years, and is hoping to use her marketing skills as a writer, thanks to arthritis she can no longer be a cashier. She is also working on a novel. She loves to read, write, and teaching herself to draw.

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