Weekly/monthly wrap up: Octoberfest – Hoping to make science less scary. Science is a treat not a trick.

Hello everyone, I am so sorry. I know it seems all I do is weekly updates and not any real blogging. Tho, I have done a bit more, in September, I just deleted them. Thanks to arthritis, anxiety and a stomach virus, I just have not been able to get the energy to blog. And with all the news and such it was just too depressing these days. Time has also seem to not be a factor for me anymore. One day it is Monday, next thing I know it is Sunday, what happened to the week? Has that happened to you?

I changed this to a science blog, hoping it will motivate me. The hard part now, is deciding what to post. So many fun and fascinating things to blog about now. The research is taking a bit of time, but it is fun research, so I do not mind. I know I am one that sometimes thinks science can be a bit scary, my heart loves it but my brain does not always comprehend it. I am hoping this month I can make this a place to help others like me. I do not want science to be scary. I think science is more of a treat than a trick. We have so many things to be thankful for, because of science. I just wish people realized it. That is why I am hoping I can get like minded people to help spread the word.

One of the things I have been reading about this week, is global warming, or climate change, whichever you prefer. Bill Nye has a fascinating book called Unstoppable, I highly recommend it. He suggests thinking of earth as your home…you are the homeowner not the renter. I thought that was a clever way of looking at it.

I promise to get more blogs this month. I just have to get more organized and go eenie meenie miney mo, to decide what to blog about. Just kidding. I am a huge spacenut, so most likely I will post a lot of blogs about the Universe.

How about you, do you have a favorite science? For instance, I also love geology(have always been fascinated with rocks and such). I would love to find out what you all like, so I can write blogs about it. Thanks!

Hope you all are staying safe, especially with all the latest news. I know it is getting scarier. Another reason we need to spread the word on science, it might be the only thing that saves us.

Peace and luv, Renee

Published by Stardreamer

Renee is currently working as a book reviewer for readersfavorite.com, she has worked there for two years. She was a cashier for 20+ years, and is hoping to use her marketing skills as a writer, thanks to arthritis she can no longer be a cashier. She is also working on a novel. She loves to read, write, and teaching herself to draw.

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