Weekly Wrap up: Last time, I promise! I will now be blogging about science, here is my why.

Hello everyone, I am so sorry for all the changes. But, they say third time is a charm, right? I am hoping that is the case. I was reading a science book for my paid gig(readersfavorite.com) and I had trouble with it, I kept needing to look up words. My heart loves science, but sadly my brain does not always comprehend it. I wanted to be an Astronomer when I was a kid, but sadly, I was not blessed with a high IQ, so that dream ended. Now I am reading a book called Junglenomics for my paid gig, and for fun I am reading Unstoppable by Bill Nye(yes, the science guy). I realized that I may not be the only one who has trouble with science, and maybe that is why we have so many people who do not like it. It can not be all about religion, but then again.

Thanks to those two books, I had an aha moment. I thought…why not do a science blog? This way I have a reason to study science(not that I need one) but I can also help others to understand it better too. With everything going on these days, we need science now more than ever. I am hoping that the more we talk about it, the more people will become interested in it, and maybe we can find better ways to help the future of humanity, cause right now it is in dire need of help. Well, a girl can dream can’t she?

One fun way you can learn about science is by watching Cosmos on Fox. Neil Degrasse Tyson is the narrator. He is amazing, I can listen to him talk about science 24/7. But this is a very binge worthy show, and it is also a great book, if you prefer to read it instead. The first season is Cosmos written by Carl Sagan. The next two seasons is Cosmos: Possible Worlds written by Ann Druyan(Carl’s wife). It is a very binge worthy show, and one that families should watch together.

I am hoping that this will become a community of science lovers who want to talk about all things science…who knows maybe someone will find the way to save the world?

If you have a science blog, podcast, youtube, website…please feel free to send me the link in the comments or use my contact form. I would love to do a blog about it…and maybe I will do a link page as well.

Stay safe!

Peace and Luv, Renee

Weekly Wrap-up: What is your why for blogging?

Hello gang, hope you all had a great week? It is starting to feel like fall, I love it. I am not a big fan of heat. I know I have not been blogging as much as I would like. I have been doing a lot of research. And, I realized that my why for blogging has changed, so now I need to revamp my blog.

I admit, I started blogging so that I could have experience with writing. I wanted to find writing jobs, like a content marketer. But, when you have been a cashier for 20+ years, your writing experience is non existent. I had to retire, cause of arthritis. I love writing, but turns out you can not get a job without experience and skills. My skills are a bit rusty. But, when you only live on 50 dollars a month, you realize you need to find something.

I have been using Pinterest for years, either for blogs or just for fun. I find it is the least volatile of all the social medias. I just recently found out I could make money with it. So, now I am revamping my Pinterest account and researching on the best ways to use it. I would love to be a Pinterest VA or Pinterest Manager. Wish, I had know about that years ago. I just need to make sure I know all the legalities of it, before I start. I do not want to break the law, after all.

I get 12k monthly viewers, and that is without even trying. So, I will be busy working on it, and figure out the best way. I know they keep changing that.

But, now that I have a different why, for blogging, I am also going to change my blog description. I decided to stick with book blogging. I am a bookaholic, so it seems logical. I figured, if anything, it will be a great way to keep track of books I read and what I want to read. Sorry, I will not be doing book reviews for free, I can not afford to work for free.

They say that you should have a why for blogging. I think it helps you stay focused and motivated. From my experience, I agree with that assessment.

So….I am curious. What is your why for blogging? I always love to hear how people came up with their blog subject. People never cease to amaze me with their creativity.

Have a great week!

Peace and Luv, Renee

Weekly Wrap-up: Marketing, scammers and drawing

Hello everyone, hope you all had a good week? I can not believe that Autumn is just a week away? Next thing we know it will be Christmas. Are you panicking yet?

I have been doing a lot of research on marketing these days. Currently reading # Influencers by Brittany Hennessy. It is a pretty fascinating book, so far I realized I made a few mistakes, but thanks to Brittany, I changed them, and I am not even half way done with the book. I highly recommend it. Will post my review soon.

I am somehow having a hard time finding ways of getting people engaged on my blog and social media. So, I am trying to learn about Pinterest. Hoping to be a Pinterest Virtual Assistant. I hear they make good money and I do not have to write a lot, since I seem to suck at it. Still reading grammar books too.

Oh, one thing I want to share with you, this happened to me today. Someone said they wanted to collaborate with me, I thought they wanted to hire me. Turns out they just wanted me to buy something from their store, and then share it on my Instagram. So, not only do they want free advertising, they wanted me to buy the item?! Yes, they did want to give me a small discount. Folks, please know this is not acceptable. You should never have to buy anything to get a job as an influencer. They are supposed to pay you, not the other way around. I blocked them. Please please please be careful, and never let anyone bully you into buying something, they tried to do that with me. So, I just want to make sure to spread the word that you should be careful with scammers. This is a sad world we live in now.

I am also teaching myself how to draw and paint again. It has been many years. My best friend gave me a stylus pen, and now I am learning how to use that as well. Maybe, I can do graphic novels and comics someday? Here is one of my first examples I did with my stylus pen.

That is supposed to be Seth Macfarlane….my chin needs work. lol

Here is his drawing that I was trying to copy from…He makes drawing look easy…sigh

So that is what I have been doing all week. Also, looking for work. Apparently, job hunting is a full time job, no one tells you that or thinks that, until they have to do it.

How about you, are you learning any new hobbies since the lockdown? How do you keep busy?

Have a great week and please stay safe!

Peace and Luv, Renee

Book review – Big Magic Creative Living Beyond Fear by Elizabeth Gilbert (author of Eat Pray Love)

I got the unabridged audio book using my Library’s Libby app.

I love audio books. I have eye issues, and it is easier to read this way, plus they read faster than I do, so I get more books read in a month. I still do not understand why people do not think it is reading? What about the time our parents read to us, did that not count as reading a book?

I love books like these, it is like having coffee with a friend, but in this case, they are doing all the talking.

I thought this book was really enjoyable. I even had a few aha moments because of it. I loved her idea on what ideas are. I thought it was creepy and fascinating at the same time. I will not say what it is, as I do not want to give any spoiler alerts. I loved how she used her life as way to explain things. Her ideas on how to get rid of fear, were refreshing, not the usual cookie cutter advice. By the time I was finished with the book, I wanted to start working on mine, I just loved how inspirational she was.

Elizabeth Gilbert did her own narration and I thought she did a wonderful job. Like I said before, it was like having coffee with a friend, tho in this case she was doing all the talking. The pace of the story was well done, and no interference from music or static, which I like. I never understood why they add music to a story.

If you need a dose of inspiration or a kick in the butt(can I say that in a blog) to get started on your creative project, then I would highly recommend this.

I admit I have not read Eat Pray Love, tho it is a best seller. I may have too now. I tend to cringe at the word pray, tho.

Peace and Luv, Renee

Ps..if you are a book blogger, here is a wonderful site to find more books to read, and to share your blog! Please, do not let the name fool you, any format is good,not just, audios.


#audiobook #bookreview – Hot Flash Holidays by Nancy Thayer





Hello everyone, sorry I have been in a reading slump lately, but thanks to this series, I finally have my love of reading back! I hate to admit it, but I did not read the second book before this one. It was dealing with a different set of women, or so I thought. You can read it out of order and still enjoy it, but I highly recommend you read them in order.

I get the unabridged audio books from my Library’s Libby app. You can read my review of the first book here, Hot Flash Club book 1.

This is the first series that I can totally relate too, have not done that in a long time. In fact, I had a mind blowing a-ha moment while listening to it. I am currently on the waiting list for book 2, so apparently, I am not the only one who likes this series.

These ladies met at a mutual friend’s retirement party. That friend had gone off to travel. These four ladies have hit it off, realizing that they are all menopausing. They become fast friends, helping each other out with schemes, some that are quite daring. Even tho, these ladies are so different from each other, they become like family to each other.

I just love this series! Sometimes, you think you know what is going to happen, but then a twist comes a long. I am a sucker for stories with twists. These ladies are so likeable, I can just see myself with this group. I think my favorite one is Shirley tho, as I relate to her the most. They do some crazy things to help each other out, like one time someone sneaked into a boyfriend’s room and looked at their computer to see what they were hiding. This book was really fun, according to the title and picture, you would think it was just the Christmas holidays. But it turns out that it is every holiday of the year. LIke Valentines and Mother’s Day. I thought that was such a fun idea. And of course you get a fairytale ending. If you need a feel good book, I would highly recommend this one.

I listened to the unabridged audio book version. Carrington MacDuffie (what a cool name!) is the narrator. She does an amazing job with so many characters. Even doing the male voices, which some women have trouble with. This version had discs…and at the beginning of each disc they repeated the last two lines of the previous disc. I thought it was kind of odd and annoying. I do not recall that happening before? Other than that, I thought it was a very enjoyable read and well paced.

I know it may seem too early for a Holiday book, but this does all the holidays, not just Christmas, so please do not let that discourage you. I am actually starting my holiday reading early this year, I did not finish some last year.

Have you read this series? If so, who is your favorite character?

Happy Reading!


I almost forgot! If you want to find more great books to read, or if you are a book blogger, you should check this great site out.  Please, do not let the name fool you, it is for any type of book, not just audio.

Eline’s Lovely Audiobook Linkup

Peace and Luv, Renee

July Wrap Up: Christmas in July, reading, podcasts …etc.

Hello everyone! I can not believe it is the end of July already? Seems like summer just started? Is it me, or does anyone else have no sense of time these days? I mean one day it is Monday, the next it is Friday. What happened to the week? I have been slacking on my blogging cause of it. I really should think of using that cool schedule thing, that WordPress has.

I really wanted to do Christmas in July posts, but sadly that did not work out. I am working on some Halloween ones tho. Hey, if they can do Christmas as early as July, why not? Halloween is my favorite holiday. I always read Plum Spooky by Janet Evanovich and listen to my Halloween playlists on Spotify while eating lots of candy corn. How about you, how do you celebrate it if you do? I wonder if they will have a trick or treating this year, I would like to think things will be “normal” by then?

This month I have been busy making fun podcasts to listen to page. I currently have 42 podcasts. If you have one, would you send me your link thru my contact, please? Thanks, bunches. It does not matter what the subject is.

I have also been a bit slow with my reading these days. I think the stress of the COVID and the heat of the summer has been making my anxiety issues worse. I have only been reading for my paid gig for readersfavorite.com. But, I am just now starting to read Under the Tuscan Sun, have no idea why I never read this before, it is beautifully written. I will have a book review of it soon.

What are you currently reading? I am always looking for book recommendations.

Hope you all are having a great summer and staying safe and healthy? I know it is really scary these days. Heck, I have those feds in my city now. I only go out once a month to the grocery store, cause I can not afford delivery or transportation. Maybe someday.

Peace and Luv, Renee

Weekly Wrap-Up: Broken a/c, Christmas in July, podcasts..etc

Hello everyone, I can not believe it is Sunday, and that July is almost over? I do not know about you, but I have lost all sense of time these days. One day it is Monday, the next it is Sunday, and I feel like I did not do much. I do not know how people blog every day, I am in awe of them. I hope to get more blogging done in August.

I have been keeping busy, looking for more income. Getting tired on living with just 50 dollars a month, thanks to HUD and foodstamps. A girl can only compromise so much. Sometimes, I do not feel human. But, I can not get disability, unless I am in a coma. And to make money you have to spend money….and they wonder why there are a lot of poor people. I would dearly love to be a cashier again, but my body will not let me. So, all those years of hard work and a healthy lifestyle, meant nothing. I now tell people to enjoy life, while you can, cause you never know when you can not. One of the reasons why I am doing this blog, to help people find joy in their lives, no matter what their situation is.

I have also been teaching myself some new skills, like drawing and painting, hoping to make a graphic novel someday. Will write a blog about that soon.

I have also been listening to more podcasts these days. I am making a podcast list page, so far I have 40 of them, will be writing a blog about that too. In fact, if you have a podcast, would you be willing to send me your link thru my contact page, please? That way I know it is not scam. It will also be easier for me to add it to my page. Thanks!

I wanted to write a Christmas in July post yesterday, but my A/C broke and was waiting for maintenance to show up, they never did. I spent the day listening to Holiday on Swing by Seth Macfarlane, I am obsessed with him. His vocals are brilliant. Thanks to Spotify I can listen to all his music on repeat.

Think that covers everything? I hope you all are staying safe and wearing your masks? I have been debating on blogging about that. Take care!

Peace and Luv, Renee

What is the proper etiquette for blogging?


Hello everyone! Thanks to a comment someone made recently, it got me to thinking about proper etiquette for blogging. I know in the real world, common decency and politeness is getting hard to find these days. I would like to think we can still find it in the blogging world?

I admit, I am new to blogging, technically a couple of years. I made a few mistakes along the way. Also, my grammar is a bit rusty, been 30 years since I did any writing. But, I like to think my grammar is not that bad, I catch mistakes in books I read and such. One of the reasons why I took up blogging, was to get practice with my writing skills, hoping to be a content marketer or copywriter someday. You are never too old to start over.

Anyhow, my last blog had a comment that has me scratching my head. They just wrote down one word. No explanation or anything? I assume they were trying to correct me, but I looked at my sentence, and in my context the word I had is right. I have no idea who this person is, what their qualifications are or why they thought it was ok to just write one word. Seems rather rude.

My advice, if you are going to be a grammar nazi and correct someone’s “mistake” you should explain who you are and why you think it is a mistake. Especially, if someone is blogging without pay.

I know someone told me that I should be thankful someone commented. But, I think it should be the quality not the quantity of comments. One word is not quality to me.

My questions for all of you….

Do you have the nerve to tell someone they made a mistake, usually I chicken out.

How do you handle it if someone tries to fix yours, without much of an explanation? Is there a proper way of doing this?

Would love to hear your thoughts in the comments please. Thanks bunches!


PS…teaching yourself how to blog is a great way to cure boredom! Lots to learn, and the library (Libby app) is a great place to get info for it too.

Peace and luv, Renee




#bookreview #cookbook – Snack Hacks Over 100 Easy and Delicious Recipes for Gamers, Coders, Freaks and Geeks by Claudia Christian and Mark Michel

I got Snack Hacks by Claudia Christian and Mark Michel used on Amazon. I was surprised someone gave it away, and it is in pretty good condition, just a couple of dings.

I have been a huge fan of Claudia Christian since she played Commander Susan Ivanova on Babylon 5. So, I was super excited to see that she wrote a cook book. I will have a link for the book at the end of the blog. It is not an affiliated link.

This cookbook is amazing! It has more than just snacks, it also has meals and desserts too! Plus, tips and tricks on preparing food. She also has stories about her past and interviews with other voice actors. It is more than just a cook book.

I love to read cookbooks that have more than just recipes in them. Especially, if it has info on my favorite celebrities. It is like reading their Biography, which I have been obsessed with lately. I loved that she talks about how she got into gaming and voice acting, and how she got into cooking. And she interviewed other actors as well and they shared some recipes. Mark Michel also shared his recipes too. It made it all seem more personal, which I love. She has some really great tips and tricks too, like how to cut a pepper. My favorite recipe is the homemade ice cream without a machine, I am definitely trying that this summer. Claudia Christian also gave some ideas on how to make the recipe a bit different, then she suggested that you try to make it your own. I thought that was so refreshing.

I do not think you have to be a geek, gamer etc. to enjoy this book. You do not even have to be a good cook, I know I am not. But, for those of us who are geeks and such, will love the extras in this cookbook. I highly recommend it, and hope she writes more of them!

Snack Hacks by Claudia Christian and Mark Michel

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Thank you librarians! Here is how we can use the library safely.

Now that some of the states are opening up, like mine,that means some of the libraries are opening too. So, I wanted to give a shoutout to our wonderful librarians. Thank you for putting your lives at risk so that people can enjoy the library again. I hope you know that some of us really do appreciate all the had work you do.

Libraries have always been a safe haven for me. Ever since I was a little girl, I would hide at the library to get away from my control freak parents. I also used the library when I was living in the streets. It was the only safe place for me to go and find help.

Now, I can not go to the library, cause of mobility issues, but they have a way to  help me with that too. Thanks to the library, I can learn new skills, for free, so I can get a job.

Since the library was always a safe place for me, I would like to find ways to make it safe for the librarians who keeps the library open. Here are a few ways you can use the library safely.

  • First, if you are not  following their newsletter, make sure to call them to find out what their rules are. Some, might only have curbside pickup and dropoff.
  • Check to see if they have a website, you can get all kinds of information there, like how to handle the covid issues.
  • Download some apps….I love the Libby app, Overdrive app, and Flipster app. You can  use those to  borrow ebooks, audiobooks(my fav), comic/graphic books, magazines…etc
  • See if they have online classes…you can learn some new skills that way, and might keep you from being bored or help you get extra income.
  • Since, they can not do book fairs, see if you can help by donating books or money for their cause.
  • Do not be afraid to call them to ask questions, they love to help.

If you do get to go to the library, please please please, wear a mask and gloves.  I know it seems like a small price to pay, but some people do not understand.

I am sure I missed some ways, if you could think of any, please feel free to share in the comments section. Thanks!

And thanks again to all the wonderful librarians out there.

Luv and hugs, Renee

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