#audiobook #bookreview – Becoming Superman by J. Michael Straczynski


I originally got the review book, Becoming Superman by J. Michael Straczynski, but thanks to eyesight issues I took forever to read it. Then the library had received the audiobook version of it, so I was able to check it out. I am so glad I did.


Peter Jurrasik was the narrator, he was a perfect choice. I admit that in the beginning, I kept picturing Londo Mollari(Babylon 5) reading it, but after a while, I almost thought it was Mr. Straczysnki reading it, that is how good Mr. Jurrasik was. Even when he read parts that were about him.


I admit I was a bit bummed that he did not name it the Great Maker, but after I was finished I realized that Becoming Superman was the best title. I have read a lot of biographies, lately and I tell you this is my favorite one, it actually reads like a story, with a hint of mystery to it. I love mysteries. This one did not disappoint. I liked that on the cover it told some of the things the book talks about, cause I tell you, from experience, some of those are trigger warnings. And if you are a sentimentalist like me, you will definitely want kleenex. Mr. Straczysnki also shared a lot of writing tips and how the entertainment business worked. I doubt you could learn this stuff in a classroom. So, if you are a writer or are like me who wants to be a writer, these tips will be priceless to you. The ending was so, it had so much hope and inspiration and motivation. I actually worked on my story outline when I was done. 


I loved listening to the audiobook, but I am glad I have a real copy, you can not see the lovely photos of him in the audiobook. Plus, if I am lucky, maybe someday I can get an autograph.

Thank you Mr. Stracyznski, I have waited many years to hear your story, and I am so happy you were finally able to share it with us, it was definitely worth the wait.